Malagousia is the quintessence of the modern renaissance of the New Wines of Greece wit- nessed in the last twenty years. It is the personification of the way Greek wine producers are rediscovering their potential. Is a hugely successful variety, widely acclaimed around the world. Its wines are grand examples of aromatic whites, full of vibrancy and complexity. When dry, it can be an exquisite match to greens, salads and even artichokes, a famous “wine killer”.

Type: white dry wine
Altitude: 400m
Soil: Gravel-clay
Ground clearance: 2%
Orientation: East west
Distinctive aromas: peach apricot citrus
FOOD PAIRING:: Pasta , poultry, traditional greek foods cooked with olive oil, green salads & greek traditional salad soft & semi soft cheese, seafood, fish
Winemaker’s recommendation: Pasta with red salsa and fresh lobster
Temperature of storage & service: 8 Celsius