The Papagiannakopoulos winery was established in 2013 in Nemea. Today with over 3 years experience in the wine business it is an ambassador of Greek wines.

Panos Papagiannakopoulos is a winemaker that gives great emphasis to making quality wines with a distinct character that represents fully the potential of the variety they come from.

Papagiannakopoulos play a crucial role in the preservation and modernization of viticulture in Greece and in the winemaking through the establishment of international winemaking techniques.

Ypsilon is the only greek (e). In many european languages as french, spanish and italian Y is called the greek e (Y= e greek). It’s a way to show the country that produced the wine.

In agree with theory of Platon and Aristotle the letters of greek alphabet seperate in three different categories. One of three categories is the sound and picture that comes from natural environment. The YPSILON means the cavity holding the liquid e.g. Υδωρ = water.

Important is also that we gave the name YPSILON that the moon affects the earth magnetic fields that influence through the water. The vineyard as the wine contains 70% water so influenced by the phases of the moon and stars and give us a very special wine.